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Medical transportation Specialists

Trusted Professionals

Medi-Move has a dedicated team of logistics experts focused on seamless shipping and delivery management for medical professionals in Maine and New Hampshire. 

We offer a combination of personal service enhanced by software automation to increase efficiency and streamline operations.

Our software enables seamless integration between customer scheduling, truck routing, outbound freight, and invoicing allowing our logistics experts to put you and your needs first. 

First Class Service

As medical transportation specialists, we have the expertise and vehicle fleet to handle the logistics and shipping needs of hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, laboratories, and medical service providers of all sizes in Maine and New Hampshire. We offer best-in-class service, support and technology. 

  • Dedicated Daily Routes
  • Same-Day Delivery 
  • Warehouse & Storage

Our service guarantee

Medi-Move identifies several factors: reliability, safety and compliance, communication, accuracy, flexibility and technology as the key factors that need be fulfilled to meet the needs of healthcare providers and ensure the secure timely delivery of vital medical supplies. We guarantee that your needs and these factors are our highest priority. 


Timely delivery of medical supplies is essential to ensure patients receive necessary treatments and healthcare facilities can operate smoothly. Reliability in meeting delivery deadlines is paramount.

Safety and Compliance

Medical supplies are often sensitive and require proper handling to maintain their integrity. Compliance with regulations, such as those related to medical transport and handling of hazardous materials, is essential to ensure the safety of both the supplies and the individuals involved in the delivery process.


Clear and effective communication between the delivery company, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders is vital to ensure smooth coordination and address any issues or concerns that may arise during the delivery process.


Delivering the right supplies to the right location is critical in healthcare. Accurate order fulfillment and delivery tracking systems help minimize errors and ensure that healthcare providers have the supplies they need when they need them.


Healthcare needs can vary widely, and a delivery company must be flexible enough to accommodate urgent requests, changes in delivery schedules, and fluctuations in demand for different types of supplies.


Utilizing advanced technology, such as route optimization software and real-time tracking systems, can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall delivery experience for both the delivery company and its clients.

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